Lay Leadership 2023

The Lay Leadership Team

Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task.      1 Timothy 3:1

Oriskany Falls Church Administrative Council

Chairperson Mike Marris
Lay Leader Mike Marris
Recording Secretary Linda Hughes
Treasurer Linda Hughes
Financial Secretary Sharon Stephens
Memorial Fund Treasurer Linda Hughes
Lay Member to Annual Conference Linda Hughes
Alternate Lay Member Sonia Marris
Finance & Stewardship Chairperson Mike Marris
Mission, Outreach & Evangelism Sonia Marris
Christian Education Chairperson Sonia Marris
Trustee Chairperson Ray Hayduke
United Methodist Women President Linda Hughes
Creekside Community Outreach President Mike Marris
Church Council Members at Large The Congregation
Communion Steward Esther Mick
Pastor Rev. Jim Barnes

Board of Trustees

Chairperson Ray Hayduke 2024
Bruce Stephens 2023 Vincent Cardone 2023
Esther Mick 2025 Sharon Stephens 2025
Pat Strong 2023 Randy Slocum 2025

Lay Leadership Team

Chair Rev. Jim Barnes
Mike Marris 2023 Linda Hughes 2024
Sharon Stephens 2025 Mary Slocum 2023
Bruce Stephens 2025 Sonia Marris 2024

Finance & Stewardship Team

Chairperson Mike Marris
Church Council Chair Mike Marris
Treasurer Linda Hughes
Financial Secretary Sharon Stephens
Memorial Fund Treasurer Mike Marris
Lay Leader Mike Marris 
Trustee Representative Ray Hayduke
At Large Bruce Stephens / Pat Strong

Mission, Outreach & Evangelism

Chair Sonia Marris  
Mike Marris  Linda Hughes 
Sharon Stephens             
Bruce Stephens  Esther Mick

Creekside Community Outreach

Mike Marris - Chair         Linda Hughes - Treasurer       
Jacque Roys Linda Schmidt
Sonia Marris Debbie Bruno
Joy Dapson Rev. Jim Barnes


Christian Education Team

Superintendent Sonia Marris
Rev. Jim Barnes  
  Mike Marris

Organist/Choir Director

Esther Mick

Church Persons for the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct

Bruce Stephens & Sonia Marris

Support Ministries

Camping Agent  
Church Historian Mary Slocum
Certified Lay Speaker Linda Hughes, Sonia Marris
Local Lay Servant  

Ed Bellinger Permanent Endowment Team

Pastor Rev. Jim Barnes
Finance Chair Mike Marris
Church Treasurer Linda Hughes
Trustee Chair Ray Hayduke
Admin Council Chair Mike Marris
At Large Shirley Strong 2023
At Large Mary Slocum 2023
At Large 2024
At Large 2024

Staff Pastor Relations Committee (SPPRC)

Liza Schmeider (B) Chairperson   
Mike Marris (O) Debbie Campbell LL (B)
Sharon Stephens (O) Sue Terrier (B) 
  Linda Hughes LM (O)