Church in Action

So now I am giving you a new commandment: love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.                                                                                                               John 13:34

As Jesus commanded, so we try to fulfill his commandment.  Some of the ways we do that are listed below.  By clicking on each one, you can get a better description of what we do in each ministry.



Shoe Boxes for Christmas (with Madison)   Prayer Shawls       VBS
Christmas gifts for children (with St. Joseph's) Sunday School Campership
Thanksgiving Baskets Heart Association (Pete the Pig)   St. Pauly
Breast Cancer Walk Food Pantry Food Sense
Winter Clothing Giveaway UMW Worship at area Nursing Homes
Bible Studies   Creekside Comunity Outreach Center

 Shoe Boxes for Christmas (with Madison)  Each year, our congregation prepares Shoe Boxes full of gifts to be sent anywhere in the world via Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan's Purse.  Children around the world get presents when they may never have received them before, and also learn something about Jesus.

Christmas gifts for children (with St. Joseph's) Every November, we work with St.Joseph's to provide Christmas gifts to those in need in our own area.  St. Joseph's creates the list and tags with gift ideas on them, and then they are distributed out to both St. Joseph's parish and Oriskany Falls UMC.  It's great to make someone's Christmas when they may not have had one.

Prayer Shawls  Made by people in our own congregation, these prayer shawls are given to those in need due to grief or illness. It's a way of wrapping our arms around those who need us without being there. People love being hugged, and we can hug them and love them by giving them a prayer shawl.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)  An extension of Sunday School during the summer, this is five days in a row of two and a half hour lessons, crafts, games, and snacks built around the teachings of Jesus.  Each year, a different program is presented, teaching the children about Jesus and his ways, and how to be more like Him. This year's program was Polar Expedition where the children learned that Jesus' Love is Cool!  See pictures here.

Sunday School Every Sunday while school is in session, we have Sunday School for children between age 3 and 12th grade. The lessons are prepared by the instructors, and the children learn about Jesus and the Bible, and how to take that information into their life and live as a follower of Jesus.

Campership Each year during the summer, we send any children to came who are wishing to go. This year, we went from four to eight children. Raining the money to send children to camp is hard, but the children learn so much and have such a good time, that we have to send them. Most children go to Camp Aldersgate or Casowasco.

Thanksgiving Baskets At Thanksgiving time, the Sunday School classes put together small baskets or gift bags with snack type foods for the elderly or shut-in who need to know that someone cares about them. The people they go to are identified by the Sunday School children. Isn't it great to love someone and let themknow they are remembered and loved?

St. Pauly The St. Pauly organization collects used clothing and bedding and distributes it around the world to those in need. We have a drop off location on Madison St across from the VFW right in town. Bring your used clothing there and let someone else use it after you or your children have outgrown it.

Breast Cancer Walk Each year in October, our Sunday School classes walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer research. The walk takes place at the Masonic Home in Utica.

Heart Association (Pete the Pig) During Lent each year, the children are asked to do chores at home to raise money for "Pete the Pig", a big pink pink made from a large water bottle. This money goes to the Heart Association in memory of Nick Cardone, who used to match the amount raised every year by the children. Another member now makes that match in memory of Nick.

Food Pantry The church keeps non-perishable food on hand for times when emergencies crop up on people and they need food. The food is available at any time by calling on a church member or stopping at the church when it is open. No qualifications except that food is urgently needed by the person asking.

Food Sense A program sponsored by the CNY Food Bank provides about $30 worth of food for $20.50. The food is quality food and the package always has some kind of meat and produce in it. No qualifications except that you want to save money on your monthly grocery bill.  Specials are also available monthly.

Winter Clothing Giveaway Every October, winter clothing is collected, and then given away at the church on a Saturday morning in late October. No qualifications except that you need winter clothing or coats or jackets. The need is great and the supply is limited. Don't you have winter clothing that you no longer use? Shouldn't someone be getting some use out of it? What would Jesus do (WWJD)?

Worship at area Nursing Homes Area pstors rotate through the local nursing homes providing worship to them throughout the month. Who needs to know that Jesus loves them more than people in a nursing home? Why not visit someone in a nursing home? You won't believe the difference you can make in someone's life just by giving them a hug...

Bible Studies While Oriskany Falls has a Bible study on Sunday evenings, there are two other studies in the parish weekly. Do you know the Bible well? Everyone can learn more about the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. Come to a study. You are welcome at any one of them.

UMW The United Methodist Women of Oriskany Falls.